Lateganskop Wynkelder

The Zahir




Cabernet Sauvignon & Pinotage Blend

This rich cape blend is bursting with ripe red-berry and plum flavours.
Some strong chocolate is also present on the palate and nose while these flavours are carried by some firm tannins and well-balanced wood.

50% Cabernet Sauvignon & 50% Pinotage
Alc 13.5%

Visible, present, incapable of going unnoticed.

According to the legend it is believed that a Zahir is an object or a person that captivates the mind and the soul of the person who comes into contact with it into a state of entrancement that renders one incapable of thinking or talking about anything but the Zahir.
This can be considered either a state of holiness, or of madness…
Writers such as Jorge Luis Borges and Paulo Coelho have written on the subject and many others in many different times and places, both ancient and current have been affected and intrigued by the subject. Here at Lateganskop, we too have fallen prey to this captivating concept and although we concede that perhaps the reality of selling wine to a modern society is far removed from the fable-like powers that we read about in stories of different Zahirs from the past, we do like the idea of people talking and thinking about our wine once they have come into contact with it – even if it is just for one night or at least until the next social event.