Lateganskop Wynkelder

The Team

When it comes to choosing staff at Lateganskop we believe that less is definitely more. This approach leads to a more hands-on and personal winemaking proses which we hope you’ll experience at our cellar and when enjoying our wines. We are very lucky to have a loyal and dedicated team that has been with us for many years and we value them immensely.


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Heinrich Lategan

Winemaker & Manager

Following a somewhat untraditional route to the wine cellar, Heinrich studied and worked as a jewellery designer and goldsmith both locally and abroad for about five years. In 2000 he joined his father on the family farm and started making his own wine in small quantities. His first vintage included a Merlot and a natural sweet which they enjoyed at their wedding in 2004. In 2008 he took on the winemaking duties at Lateganskop, thus following in the footsteps of his father who started as winemaker there 44 years earlier.

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Kéan Oosthuizen

Assistant winemaker

Kéan joined the team in 2011 after gaining valuable experience at Slanghoek Cellar, Botha Cellar and Du Toitskloof cellar. His attention to detail, dedication and hard work is invaluable in our cellar and is the driving force behind the rest of our team.

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Ricardo & Frikkie

Cellar Assistant

With more than twenty years of experience in the cellar between the pair, they form the hart of our winemaking team. Both of them are passionate about their jobs and they are constantly trying to better themselves through training in order to excel in the field of winemaking.

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Louise van Bosch

Financial Officer

Every successful business has a secret fairy that solves all problems, does all the near-impossible tasks effortlessly and glides through loads of work in no time at all – Louise is our fairy. She handles accounts and wine admin like customs and excise and stock levels.

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Rochelle Willemse

Cleaner and expert Coffee wizard!

Rochelle has also been with us for more than 10 years and whether it is cleaning, labelling, general admin or the best cup of coffee you need, she’s always ready to do a sterling job.